JB Infra Projects is a 18 year old real estate firm which has built its reputation for developing wide range of affordable real estate ventures in and around Ibrahimpatnam / Adibatla areas in Hyderabad. The promoters have vast experience with deep domain knowledge in identifying, developing, marketing and delivering real estate projects they undertake. All the ventures are planned and executed with custom-made features keeping targeted customers needs in mind.

JB Infra Projects offers wide range of plots, customized housing options, residential investments in fast developing locations in and around ORR in Hyderabad. JB Infra Projects primary focus is on building ever lasting relationships with its customers.

Our Directors

Mr. Buyyani Manohar Reddy, Managing Partner of JB Infra Projects and a proud owner of Hyderabad’s largest Conventions, "BMR Sartha Conventions”. Mr.BMR, has an immense experience in Politics, Real Estate and Civil Contracts. Mr. BMR, had created jobs for several hundreds in various fields since 1990 as a Government Civil Contractor(Class-1), served the public as ZPTC member (2006-2011).

By entering Real Estate in the year 2002, Mr.BMR hadshowcased the actual meaning of trust to Customers,since then. He joined JB Infra in 2012 and stood as a major support strength by making it the fastest growing Real Estate Company in less than 5 years.

Mr. Buyyani Manohar Reddy,

Managing Partner

Mr. Prathap Reddy, Managing Partner of JB Infra, started his journey in the year 1983 as a marketing executive in a Sweden based company called Minimax. He had grown to become a Regional Head and then further on to become the Divisional Manger for South India. His vast experience in Marketing and Distribution and the ambition to serve people with the intention of providing affordable real estate to customers, lead to the start of JB Infra.

The first project of JB Infra was initiated on the Sagar Road in year 2001. From then on, as a founder of company he has worked in multiple facets to take the company to new heights. The proudest moment for Mr. Reddy and his managing partners was when they took over a 570 acres project at Ibrahimpatnam and executed it meticulously with in a record time of 3 years. With 18 years of experience in marketing and nearly 2 decades of expertise in real-estate, he is one of the important pillars in building up JB Infra.

Mr. Prathap Reddy,

Managing Partner

Mr. Govardhan Reddy Managing Partner of JB Infra heads Developments and Accounts of the company. He had started off his career as a Pharmaceutical Executive in Vivimef Laboratories Ltd. and after excelling in the field for more than 10 years he always knew he had the entrepreneurial instincts in him and entered into business by starting off trading in Steel and Cement for the state of Telangana in the name of Vinathi Steel and Cement Traders. Then later in the year 2001 JB Builders was started which was a huge success leading to the start of JB infrastructures and JB Infra in the year 2005.

As a founding partner of JB Infra Mr. Govardhan has been successful in building sales teams which are strong } and committed, developing open plots, penetrating new territories, identifying and capturing new business . He always ensured the company has a strong Customer Relationship Management with all its investors and ensured value to customers creating a reputation for JB Infra of tenaciously protecting its clients interests by creating and ensuring value and appreciation for all its customers and ensuring the company fulfills its promise to build an everlasting relationship with their customers .

Mr. Govardhan Reddy,

Managing Partner

Mr. Jagan Reddy, Managing Partner of JB Infra, is a proud second generation entrepreneur who leads JB Infra as a Marketing Head. A graduate, hailing from a humble background from a small village in Telangana, he entered the real estate business as a Marketing Executive and rose to be the Managing Partner of JB Infra with sheer hard work and integrity.

With nearly two decades of experience, he has always guaranteed customer satisfaction, quality of service, hands on income creation in all of JB Infra’s projects. His dynamic leadership and lead from the front attitude has continuously steered the organization towards a special place in the Hyderabad real estate market. His dedication, thrive for buyers satisfaction ensures the justification of JB Infra’s motto “Honesty and Appreciation to Customer”

Mr. Jagan Reddy,

Managing Partner